[Rangers] Nurturing cord (2021/06/20)

From Ambassador Eolinius to Acting Ranger Guide Melga Folgore*
*Note of humor from Ambassador Eolinius to put pressure on the future discussion.

Lordoy Nair-Melga Folgore.

The Federation has always considered the Rangers to be essential and supports their action to prevent and control kitins. However, recent events raise a number of questions about their ability to do so and what is really going on in the Kitin's Lair.

A federal delegation sent by our governor Ailan Mac'Kean wishes to meet with you and the rangers representatives on Nivia 15, 1st AC 2614 (, 4 July 2021 19:00:00 UTC (10 months ago)).

What strongly intrigues our governor is the possible role that Tepsen could play in this story, an amber cube belonging to her having been found there, as well as the many questions that Orphie Dradius asked about Tepsen just before his mysterious descent and his death even more mysterious. If during this interview, Rangers who knew Tepsen could be present to teach us a little more about him that would be perfect.

I have no doubt that this interview will be beneficial to maintain the good relations between the Rangers and the Federation of Naw Trykoth

Eolinius, Tryker Ambassador

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