[Rangers] Nurturing cord (2021/06/20)

From Ailan Mac'Kean, Governor, to Ambassador Eolinius
Nair Ambassador Eolinius,

The Federation's support for the Ranger Organization remains unwavering. We know, more than anyone else, how important sharing and solidarity are in building a better world for our children.
But it is essential that this sharing goes both ways, otherwise anxiety sets in, followed by a lack of trust.
In this regard, if you excuse me, I got plenty to worry about.
Like you, I heard through the rumor that Tepsen had "lost" an amber cube in the Almati Wood kitins lair. You are too young to have known Tepsen. But the elders could tell you about mektoub explosions or innocent homins who were targeted.
Some time later, Orphie Dradius comes asking about what Tepsen might be doing in the kitins lair, as if Tepsen was accustomed to entrusting anything to the Federation.
And it all ends with Orphie dead inside that kitins lair.
How do you expect me not to believe that the Rangers are completely overwhelmed and have no control over anything that happens in the Almati Wood kitins lair?

So, I hereby formally request that you go to Melga Folgore, to express my concern, ensure that the situation in the kitins lair is under control, and reiterate that my reluctance was merely a reflection of my worry. Please understand that my intention was only to raise the alarm.
You have my full confidence!

Ailan Mac'Kean
Governor of Naw Trykoth Federation
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