[Rangers] Nurturing cord (2021/06/20)

When Salazar returned to the vast, empty rooms of his Order from the meeting of the Rangers at Almati, he was in deep thought and - to a certain degree - worried; less about the fact that the Rangers feared loss of support from the Nations, but about the reasons for the lack of that support.

Yes, of course the Rangers were either unduly secretive about their findings regarding the death of Orphie Dradius, or their scientists were simply not up to do their work properly, but in the latter case it would have been wise to include other scientists by the respective academies in their research. That they simply kept quiet alone would have been a good reason for raised doubts in their reliability. That the leaders wanted some sort of courtesy from the Rangers was not surprising, but just part of the game of politics, something an able diplomat could easily deal with.

The irritation was the fact that the leading officers of the Rangers, pretty obviously, never spent a single thought on the possibility that their leaders could pass away or vanish, and therefore did not prepare for a new leadership. They had no-one - especially with Melga Folgore declining to take the lead, not even for a transistion period - and now they asked the Rangers to come up with ideas to please the leaders of the various countries, while the officers themseves discussed to bring someone over from the Old Lands to step into Dradius' shoes. Until then they seemingly were like a snake whose head was cut off, wrigling and helpless, trying to survive - and waiting for a new head to grow.

Salazar shaked his own, sitting firmly on his shoulders.

That Akenak, Azazor - one whose arrogance could put an Uma Filar to shame - had a point in saying that the leader of the Rangers should just be the best man, not neccessarily one to please the leaders of the Nations, but in his somewhat charmless manner overlooked the fact that there was and is no-one in sight yet, that the Ranger officers are struggling since some time for a decision on a stranger who has no idea how the things are run in the New Lands. He also overlooked that the Rangers enjoy their freedom not least because they receive support from all Nations.

Salazar filled an amber cup with wine and took a swig of it. Then he sat down on his table and looked at his quills. He had thought about a report to the Academy, but what should he write? To point out the crisis of the Rangers would weaken them even more - and it would be of no use to anybody.

So he simply took another swig ... and went to bed.


Salazar Caradini
Filira Matia
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