[Rangers] Nurturing cord (2021/06/20)

[Rangers] Nurturing cord (2021/06/20)

The situation was becoming untenable. Without any help of the nations, the Ranger organization could not meet all its obligations. Yet, since the disappearance of Orphie Dradius, they seemed to "forget" their promises more and more often.
The vacancy of the position of Guide of the organization, the still not elucidated circumstances of her death, this kirosta's stinger of which one did not hear any more...
Melga Folgore knew that it took very little for the Nations' aid to be called into questions.
They had to deal with the most pressing problem, namely the maintenance of the tunnels, especially the one linking the Continent to Silan.
For the time being, equipment was blocked at the Matis camp. But the Rangers and the Aspirants should be able to transport it to the camp.
Then he would gather them at the Circle. Between them, they would be able to find solutions.
Rangers! Ranger Aspirants!
We are facing an exceptional situation.
Meet me at the Ranger Circle in Almati Wood on 8h - Prima, Germinally 1, 1st AC 2614.
I will explain everything to you in person.
Please have an escort ready.

Melga Folgore

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