DeepL translation exceptions list

I am not sure what you mean, for now it has 11 categories. DeepList is just a tool to collect troublesome terms and its correct translations, if possible. The database is available via export/API.

Categories are not any important for the system that does corrections (currently being tested - requires access to Test Team board). It is using the DeepList export to update own dictionaries, those being applied on translations on-the-fly.

The list and the way how Ryzom will correct DeepL translations is mostly being discussed on #pj-ryzom_wiki on Ryzom Chat. It is be better to talk with Dorothee or Zorroargh about terms and participating on the list or with Ulukyn about how the correction is being implemented.

I am no linguist, I can only try to implement additional options for the list itself if it needs to cover some specific situations. On the other hand, the goal is not to improve DeepL translations, just to correct the worst when a specific term translation is misleading. Like the "toub".
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