suggestion about levels

i think that the cap on levels should be higher because most people have nothing to work on because how long this game has been out that they have everything maxed out so they have no real reason to continue besides the roleplay and it can be nice the have new skills and things

Let's say the cap will be changed to level 300. What will happen next? Sooner or later you will reach any level, unless it is made infinite. Most of skills will be just higher level of those you already know. Besides we would need to consider all possible impacts on the game balance. And we will be in same situation, just with more levels to grind. I am not sure this is a solution. It would be probably better to add new branch(es) with same cap level instead.

Also, Ryzom is a game of grinding just for some players. If getting levels was the main content, I would be already gone. Looking for challenge? Get me some Kitin larva q250 :)

While you talk about new skills, there were some new added recently, by the way.
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