Bunny Tools 3.0x / 3.1x

Bunny Tools Landmarks Editor / XML File Exporter.

We are testing Version 0.1 of the Landmarks Exporter / Editor. What this app will do is export your landmarks file into an Excel Spreadsheet where you can then correct spelling, add comments , organize flags in groups, make wholesale find and replace and pretty much whatever you want.

The next logical step being pursued to export the edited *.xls file back into your game folder.

For testing purposes, we will be making the tool available to a few select players for testing. Send a PM to FF IG if interested.

How to Install:

1. Place the zip file at desired location on your Drive and extract it to that location. Double click the exe file

"Bunny Tools - Xml to Excel.exe" which will open this window

2. Hit the botton and then find your file in your Save Folder

(Recommend saving a copy somewhere)

It will create an Excel file in the same folder with the application.


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