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Just an update on progress ...

Some of you were users or may remember the app called Yubo Maps which is described here:
Yubo Maps, but in light of two issues, we decided to go another way:

1. Many players have found Daily Missions (DMs)and Mission Mats (MMs) to be a more efficient source of fame, dapper and Elyps. The current emphasis on DMs and MMs has resulted in players depending more and more upon landmarks (aka flags) to quickly get to desired locations. Many NPCs wander and have as many as 8 different locations. Looking at my flags and the Bunny Fame tool it was apparent that many NPCs were not on currently available maps. And wit the importance of Mission mats as a favored source of fame, dapper and Elyps, the effort in finding and marking these was significant.

2. Another side of this is many of us have found that we haven't maintained a consistent method of labeling our Landmarks. {Post merge, concerned that they might revert back to premerge locations, I used another color to identify new ones and today I often forget which is which.

Lopy's Landmarks Editor app was great tool that allowed users to edit their files in such instances, and when that stopped functioning, organizing your Landmarks a difficult prospect.

Hence Yubo Maps was retired and Bunny Maps was born. With Bunny Maps you can import your Landmarks.xml file and edit it out of game. You can organize it by region, subregion or whatever and then export it back to your save folder.

Goal is to be able to use drop downs to drill down to find what you are looking for:

Jungle / NPC / Tribe / Title / Name


Jungle / NPC / All / Prospectors / Name

Considering being able to further feature by subregion or region level.

The view below shows all my NPC Flags. I chose citizen because the flags are white and they were easily distinguishable. Going forward, I will edit these in 2 categories for tribe or citizen.    Here I am displaying all wandering NPCs as no real point in displaying the ones that never leave camp.  Mousing over the icon will display Name, Title and Affiliation.

Database Structure

If you are interested in assisting in data collection of confirmation plaase send a IG Mail or PM to Fyrosfreddy.

NOTE: As usual, if you have comments, suggestions, bugs ideas etc. in this thread

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