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Guild Islands

+1 - I do believe we need more and/or better storage options.

I'd like to propose maybe even adding user created folders in storage areas.

For example, creating a folder in my apartment called "PvE Medium Armor" and being able to put a specific set in that folder so I don't have to put each item into my bag to see its correct stats.

Or, another example, a folder in our Guild Hall that says "[insert random homins name here] new PvP Armor", and put that homins new gear there so it could be given to them when online, and others not going to guild hall and wondering what its there for, but instead being able to see the title of the folder and be able to give that homin their gear without having to ask about it.

This may not be exactly related to Guild Islands, but can also be of use with the aforementioned storage ideas for the Islands.



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