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Recalibrage des sorts (abonnement <-> F2P) / Spell recalibration (paid accou ...

The problem I see with this, is that an automated configurator does not "know" what is your intent when you made the spell.

For example, it may be easy to recalibrate a magic spell that only contains credits for life and sap, in equal amounts: you adjust the level of those stanzas (bricks?), and try to keep the proportion inside the original spell (e.g. 70% of the cost is paid with life, 30% of the cost is paid with sap).

But let's say your spell also contains a distance credit, or time credit. Should the automated recalibration try to keep the overall casting time of the spell, or is it acceptable if the time is increased? Should the auto-edit try to keep the casting distance of the spell? What if it's not possible?

If you have a spell with long casting time, and you are switching from subscribed to free-to-play: should the recalibration try to keep the existing long casting time? Perhaps you are not happy with long casting times at lower levels. Or, conversely, what if recalibration "upwards" (from f2p to paid) requires stanzas you did not buy yet, should the game use your existing stanzas even if the balance of the spell is altered? Repeated conversions f2p-paid-f2p-paid-f2p could mean your spells might end up significantly different from how you made them in the beginning.

I have struggled with this question for my 2nd character too (alt), and the only reasonable solution I found was to make specific actions for the moment he is subscribed, and another set of actions for when he is unsubscribed.

What I would have liked is a macro allowing me to move actions around on the action bar. This way I could reserve the first row for "paid" actions, and the other row for the time he is not subscribed. One macro click to change between sets.


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