[Fyros & Zorai & Rangers] The ramp of all dangers (2020/05/05)

Dorothée pulls out the competition weapons that Mummy made for her with love and carefully sharpens them. She empties her satchel.
"At least we'll have enough to eat tonight, I hope," she thinks.
A bit of Gulatch oil to shine the bark and amber of her amps ...
She takes up her pen and writes the poster and the map she's going to put up in the Guild Hall. A bit of glue resin...
"That's it! Mummy and the uncles will be happy" she ruminates.
A thought crosses her mind "and Apocamus? does he know? he must be taking it easy at Bounty Beaches or at the oasis, we haven't heard from the bosses for a long time".
She's building a fire for the homecoming garden party and: "Now, a nice swim on Crystabell Beach to get in shape for battle."


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