[Fyros & Zorai & Rangers] The ramp of all dangers (2020/05/05)

Zelus Pelorus read and reread, incredulous, his mission order. Escort a motley group of Patriots, Initiates and Rangers, in an inspection of Desertstock's kitinlair.
Zelus Pelorus wondered what he had done to deserve this punishment?
Oh for sure, the mission order called him the most experienced hunter and other superlatives to coax him.
It was an important mission, rumors were growing and, with all these domes, the utmost vigilance was required, but why him?
In any case, it was no longer time for discussion but for action.
He took some writing materials and wrote the call.

Under the aegis of the Empire and the Theocracy, I invite all Patriots and Initiates to meet me at the stable of Zora on 8h - Tria, Medis 9, 2nd AC 2608*.
We will go, from there, to inspect the nest of kitins located in Desertstock. There are alarming rumors of serious turmoil in this area.
The ramp to the Great Outback must be secured.
Any assistance from the Rangers will be appreciated.

Zelus Pelorus
Imperial Hunter

* [OOC] On Tuesday, 5 May 2020 19:00:00 UTC (10 months ago).[/OOC]
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