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Eye of the Tyrancha News, Volume 2

Volume 2, Issue 04: Power to the Blue People!, Part II

The Zoraï Initiates have recently decided to organize themselves and petition the creation of a more participative government in the Witherings (see Volume 2, Issue 01 for more on this). After the loud silent protest organized by the Zoraï Coalition, Zora authorities agreed to meet with the Initiates to explain to the protesters that a participative government had always been in place in the Witherings. The Sages were just waiting for the time of Awakening, the moment when the Initiates were ready to take the next step towards Enlightenment.

And what an Awakening it was, dear readers! Several Zoraï Initiates, both young and seasoned, embarked on a spiritual journey through the Witherings as they learned about the various Circles and Mysteries from Zoraï Sages and Guards from the Guild of Cho.

A moment of contemplation and learning by Still Waters.

Knights of Jen Lai, Inflatable Friends and Atys Souls - All of these Zoraï guilds were in attendance. But it seems like there were more homins scurrying across the Jungle that day! Every now and again one could notice milky white shadows moving in the distance. Some of us had the feeling we were being watched by a hidden presence.

Some believe these hidden watchers were ancestral spirits of Nature that were stirred by the Awakening. Others swear that they saw a bald and grumpy looking Matis Noble watching them from afar, which would imply the Nobles were spying on the Zoraï'ï. Perhaps the Matis want to know which way this new Zoraï government is headed? Or maybe some of them grew tired of their hedonistic ways and decided to finally look for Wisdom and Enlightenment. We cannot be sure. One more of Atys' mysteries.

Zoraï Sage Sorrow imparts words of wisdom to the Initiates. They contemplate the meaning of being one with the Planet and Ma-Duk while hiding from torbaks in the water.

After exercising some of that Zoraï zen patience and walking (not running, walking) across all of Cities of Intuition and Maiden Grove, the wise Zoraï Initiates finally remembered that they had running at their disposal as well, as a valid method of travel. So in the last leg of their spiritual journey the Initiates ran to meet with the mysterious sages Sorrow and Season.

In a climax worthy of Drakfot's beautiful stories the Zoraï'ï met with Grand Sage Mabreka Cho in a holy site deep in the Jungle. Aeralin, initially confused with a very short and pale Zoraï, but later on revealed to be a Tryker, was deemed ready for Awakening. In a tear jerking ceremony she was Awakened and entrusted with the task of guiding the other Initiates. The Zoraï Circles will now begin to meet regularly in order to discuss the business of governing the Witherings. Both Awakened and Initiates will participate and collaborate in these meetings. In short, power to the Blue People!

The Awakening of a Zoraï Initiate.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."
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