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Around channel is completely broken due to the translation herezy


Some time ago, someone had the not so good idea to automatically translate the "around" channel. Anyway, I'll try to refrain from expressing all my disgust about this "thing".

Today, I discovered that, having the game in English, I was completely unable to read what my fellow comrades, who have the game in French, were saying in the around channel. And by "unable to read", I mean I cannot see anything being said. It's not that I have blank lines: there is no lines at all. And obviously, this goes the other way: those with the game in French were able to see what each other were saying, but not what I said.
Fun fact: because emotes are not translated, they are the only way to talk in the around channel when two people have the game in a different language. The good thing is that a quick bugfix is to prefix everything said in /s with "/em bugfix: ".

Nobody listened to me back then when I said this was a big mistake. Now that it's completely broken and causing heavy damage to role-play (and communication in a general way), could we please go back and stop this monstrosity that is called auto-translate?


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