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Primeroots hunting

Hello Hominas and Homins,
down in the primeroots live dangerous Creatures and their loot often contains pretty interesting material we could use to make decent weapons and armor. They are hard to hunt and sometimes it is also hard to find someone who is willing to join a hunt.
Thus I decided to establish a primeroots Hunting Team. We will concentrate to hunt the aggressive Creatures Ryx and Wikkah and also the more powerful Herbies like Buddai and Bukah.
Idea is to create a dynamic channel "prhunt" and people who want to start a hunt use this to communicate and find partners.
To make this work we need a few rules of course, so here we go:

1) we share fairly (we all love our twinks but they don't get a share)
2) we don't care about a DP when we explore the primeroots
3) we hate the Kitin Patrol

That should be enough rules for everyone to have fun.

Requirements to participate:
you should have a Master in Ele/Melee and your heal skill should be at least around L150. Also some teleports to the Wastelands and Underspring are nice to have.

some Technical Information:
To join the channel just write /channel prhunt in your chat window.
To leave the channel use the command: /channel prhunt *
Remember if you joined the channel and don't leave when you quit the game you will be automatically logged in as soon as you enter atys again. On every reboot of the server all dynamic channels are closed and you have to login again.

see you in the depths you proud hunters

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