"Tip of the day" in loading screens

You are probably familiar with this concept from other software, maybe even from other games.

I think many players have practical issues, arising from the fact that they don't fully grasp basic mechanics in the game. So, maybe we could add short tips in the loading screen (when starting the game), respectively in the screen that appears when teleporting.

A few examples:
  • Tip: Try wearing light armor when casting spells
  • Tip: Right click action icons to edit the components (stanzas)
  • Right click on your compass to change where it's pointing at
  • If you have questions, the Universe chat is the perfect place to get help
  • Don't forget some NPCs wait inside buildings. Explore to find them!
  • Short on dappers? Look for the corporals in the nearest capital city.
  • Need to travel to another city of the continent? Do it risk-free with New Horizons!
  • Don't forget to upgrade your crafting actions if you level up.
  • Press B to see your levels. Press "+" to expand the skill trees.
  • Unsure what to do next? Why not try [an occupation/ daily missions/ exploring the continent]?
  • etc etc
I would see these tips as mostly geared towards telling the player something useful about the game itself (game mechanics, interface and so on).



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