Guide to Broken / Possibly Broken Missions - Void (Jungle 250)

The mission seems to be working for me, you need to have 150 bulk free in your bag for the barrel to deliver.
That's a bit more than I had then; I usually have closer to 90 bulk free unless I'm digging. But it still doesn't explain how I wound up with that q250 report, or why I didn't see "You are too encumbered". Maybe getting it as a DM made a difference? Maybe a one-time glitch?
One thing worth notingĀ  for the primitive Tribes like Zumifayu (Cuzans, Gibbads, Fraiders), they don't show up on the compass as scroll icons and tageting via Macro or /tar is significantly less range.
I discovered that the other night when I couldn't target an NPC less than 20m away until I rounded a corner, or one ~80m away until I crested a hill. (Neither were Primitive tribes.) I had thought /tar would reach out to ~240m or so regardless of obstacles just as it always has, but apparently things changed.


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