Guide to Broken / Possibly Broken Missions - Void (Jungle 250)

002 - Liangi Pei-Ziao - Outlands Supplier - Give 1 Big Barrel of at least quality 250 to Zumifayu in Void - Got report but no barrel - Abandoned and retook mission, tried talking ot mission giver... still no barrel

I have had this a couple of times, not with DMs but with tribes ... barrels have big bulk 60 is not unusual ... I have had one item that was 150 (Brazier) IIRC.  The Corsairs tribe has for example a slew of Delivery Missions.   IIRC, It used to take me 3 trips to do all of them ... good parts was ... one of them is 2 steps to your right, and I think 4 right on the islands around camp.

One thing worth noting  for the primitive Tribes like Zumifayu (Cuzans, Gibbads, Fraiders), they don't show up on the compass as scroll icons and tageting via Macro or /tar is significantly less range.


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