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Webapps current list


I updated stuff in here (3 moths ago) but I don't know why other can't see it (reading Fyrosfreddy comment)

The list is pasted on https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Webapps_main/list too.App (currently ok)

I think i see where the confusion lies.   Apps are applications associated with Ryzom that work either as Browser Based Tools or In Game Tools.   Not all of them have a specific forum post associated with them, most do not.  I wuld be great if they did.  When we created Bunny Tools all of them previously existed as spreadsheet or 3rd party tools.

Bunny tools has two forum threads ... one serves as a "Manual" and location for the remaining Spreadsheet Based Tools; the other is for bug reporting and comments.

However the list here is primarily apps that have forum ythreads ... many do not.

I checked the link that Asmo provided and it has 27 apps.   I had 60 apps on my list (not including the individual sub modules in apps like BM) ... some that I don't see anymore are listed below so we are down to 24:

Cookie Clicker

So there's at last twice as many individual apps as that list of 24.  Taking out the 22 broken or partially broken ones and 2 scary ones, we're down to 33.  So at least 9 missing from the wiki list.

We have 15 in this thread so about half of the available working applications.

For apps that contain several modules (BM for example), I listed the various modules that are available from the IG app and the additional ones that are only web accessible.  Silenda works fine on the web site, I have had less success using the IG Version.

Some I shouldn't see as they don't work or links are dead.  I have checked all the apps thru their web sites ... I have not as yet checked all Apps In Game.  It's a work in progress ... don't expect it will take too long.  Right now it's spreadsheet based as that's how avery Bunny Tool began its life.

1.  Ya can't click the URLs as they go past the cell width and wanted it to be viewable on screen.  If I ever get around to doing a final version, these will be clickable.

2.  Background colors indicate an issue with the web app ... yellow means it didn't work, red means I got a pop up warning indicating that the site was a threat ... I have not verified.

3.  Many sites auto-detect languages and if they don't have those national flags on them allowing visitor to change them, I dunno how many languages are available; I just know what I was able to see.  I know for example that Moniq's apps are, generally, multi-lingual

4.  Would appreciate any additions / error listings / contributions.  Asmo ...  Let me know if ya want to keep a copy here and when finished I will pass on the end product to whomever wants to maintain it.  Feel free to send a PM with any of the above.  As to whether OP wants that info cluttering their thread, that I will leave to the Amosys.




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