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Thanks Itzy, I knew that ;)

I created one of each race in order to see how I felt connected or immersed with them. It's going to be a long ride and I want to make sure I am happy with my character.

We do tend to project through them and give them a life of their own in a sense, or, at least I do, so that connection is important to me. Trying all four made sense for me in that regard. Of the four I prefer these two, Tryker and Zorai.

I have always planned to have Djindaar as my main focus for the 1st years sub, dropping into my alt in Silan when I need a change of pace and clear my head from grinding him up through the lakes and beyond. Think he is fs(64) as of today, so still a baby in the larger scheme of things as yet. (And yup, need to push magic with him, it is his lowest element up to now at a low 24, even my armour crafting is 45, so aye needs work, even if I just use magi-pull on mobs instead of taunt, at least it will level a little each fight)

I probably will though, concentrate on one other for when I need a break or get frustrated, and that will be my Zorai "Kishookapala" purely for my own selfish RP in my head-zone playtime, so I don't burn out with Djinn. But he will be a very slow burner for when I need to just chillaxe and am happy to leave him on Silan till I get all his professions up to 50-60. He will probably get only 1/5th of Djin's gametime if even that, so in no rush with him and I am looking at my characters in the long term.

Aye I have been using parry on Djinn as he is 2h Sword. Might play around with Kishoo on double daggers, and see how he survives, will be funny watching that long-shanks somersaulting his attacks:p


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