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So, been racking my brain as to what questions I may need to ask that suit my possible future goals, aspirations or general curiosity.

In most MMO's I always went the DPS route mainly ranger and bows, I am an old ranger romantic in that sense. Though I am 2h on this character as it seems the most viable as yet.

Maybe I will take my Zorai ("Kishookapala", don't know how I dreamt up that name but I like it ;p....) through the Ranger rites one day, who knows, someting to aspire to, and, I do like a challenge and I know or at least get the impression that it is iondeed a great challenge. Djindaar will be my main focus for now though as I feel my way forward.

So how viable is ranged fighting, or would you say its a support activity?

Decent way to make Dapper? Took a profession (Water-carrier) but not even started on that yet till I can find and safely get around (Explored more and levelled more). Probably a higher level activity I am not ready for yet so being realistic on that score.

Due to low levels of activity at the lower end of the character range in Fairhave, I doubt my armour crafting will bring any coin in, it is still sub par for area, and my own use anyhow.

I have done a small handfull of quests here but most are out my reach given that hominid kill quests are more group focus quests as it's a given that you hit one tribesman you pull all, so mainly sticking to available resource ones. So mapping out the areas is my full time activity as I slowly level Fight, Forage and Craft skills. Main focus is getting a good FS up so I can venture wider. So any advice for setting up goals certainly welcome.



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