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Hello Good Homins

My Name as you can see is Djindaar, and straight up front I am an older gamer now retired and have some time to not only engage in my other passtimes, but also, to get into a decent engaging, complex and satisfying MMO again.

I have gamed for more years than I care to think about ;p, but found it a very satisfying activity for many years when having the time. As for MMORPG's have played all the major and many minor MMO's and am particularly fond of a very select few.

The Modern MMO's never held my interest for long so will not dwell on those, with their hold your hand and cut and paste activities acss the genre', but, games like EQ (original), SWG with it's deep crafting, Fallen Earth for a time I enjoyed but I now see that the game is finished but may return at some point. But you maybe are getting the picture now that I like the MMO's that need patience, determination, have a level of complexity that reward exploration and experimentation.

I beta tested Ryzom back in the day, think it may have been around 2003 and enjoyed the beta, even though the game if I recall had a shaky start was on then off at one point I think, been a while.

At that time I did not have as much free time to immerse myself and played Ryzom on and off a few times, never getting beyond Silan except once for a time, and I cannot even remember details of any old accounts.

So, I found it on steam a while back and played out a couple or so characters and slowly got back into it testing out activities deleting characters and creating new ones to get a feel for it all agin, and found I had having more time I was at last enjoying myself in Ryzom again. So I downloaded the client from the main site and subbed for a year. See how I would get on commiting to the game and pushing myself to grind out a character.

I created 1 for each race, but primarily got a Tryker to 50 in fighting and Harvesting. I solo'd all the content, developing myself further when I failed and kept pushing, I wanted that 50 boss in the jungle to prove I could, and by the skin of my teeth and the help of those xmas gift Life eggs (they saved me ;)...) I reached my personal goals for Silan.

I helped others with the bosses and felt like it was time to hit Fairhaven.

My crafting is still low around 44 armour crafting being my highest, others in 20's for now, Lake foraging around 53.

I am still wearing my hard won Ranger gear and my Fire and Wrath blade. I have found the blade to be a boon and a curse really, it has decent damage for its level, but, nothing else store bought comes close yet, so I need to either work on my weapon crafting more or see if I can buy one with decent damage closer to my now level F60.

Currently I am searching out and marking resources, Silan realy spoils a character and the mainland is a lot harder, I am sure many new players will be put off when they get here, maybe the harvesting and exploration in Silan needs to reflect the mainland more as one ventures further north, I don't know?.

But I have not been put off,I am loving the challenge, watching the mobs near potential resources etc, navigating the weird mutlivel map makes up my Tryker home. Swin for ages to find that a waterfall blocks my passage, and swimming more to find a way through, good old exploration gaming that I find quite refreshing actually. Bag space can be a chore when gathering mats for a craft session, but hey ho, "get stronger young Tryker you can catch up your crafting I am sure"

Still in the lakes area (central area) killing kipee and Stinga's etc for armour mats, (occasional other mobs)trying to get my crafting up, slowly slowly catchee monkey hey?

I am in no hurry to become uber, there is time for that over the next 12 months and if I can still find enjoyment, then way beyond that time. So far I am enjoying mysel. It's all a problem solving activity right now and I like that. Once my map is full of gaily coloured little flags showing me where my hard found mats are located I will be an even happier and more satisfied Hominid.

So give me a wave ingame, wish me luck and hope you all have as much fun as I am having.



The Journey Is Everything
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