Ajouté au Suivi du Dev] Item PvP maraudeur et générique

This is all in French and I cannot translate it into english, what is it saying? If this was accepted, then why is it not implemented? If the English can understand it, then maybe we all can get behind it! But what is this suggestion?

Very simple - they asked for a different colors of PvP outfit, like Kami and Kara do have (skin basic, medium, high quality are different, going fluffy to shiny)

Fun fact is, the different colors do exist already in game (almost everyone that tried Yubo test server have already seen any marauder outfits colors available there)

So its accepted, colors exist and don't need any DEV time or resources, or any funds.
But it is not in Atys for some obscure reason ;)

CSRs/Event Team etc love to use these outfits.. maybe that why?


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