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Webapps current list

As to "why this thread", we don't have to guess ... the OP clearly stated this in the original post.

"I thought we could have a ** post ** on the forum that "centralizes" this list [of IG apps]"

It's a great idea, but the stated goal above can not be met unless this 1st  "central" **post** be updated with new / added information from subsequent posts.  I'd also like to point out that the OP doesn't make any mention of "maintained" or what that definition might be.

Here's what made me read this topic.  One of the most frequent questions I get from folks new to the game, new to the guild or new to the NPC Hunts relates to the fact that all home page notices and other event notices are provided in UTC Time.  When asked "How to I convert UTC Time to my time ?"

I would like respond:

There is an In Game App called "World Clock", which will do this for you.  You can see the links to this and all the other IG Apps that you might find useful at this link:"

So when I sawe a thread entitle "Web Apps Current List" I expected it would contain the urrent list of all (working) IG Apps" suitable to be linked above my above statement.   But this list" of IG Apps is neither "centralized" nor "current.  It doesn't have World Clock,  It doesn't have Ryzom Bosses.  I'm not sure what qualifies as "maintained' but Bonny's app is certainly being updated (new version released in last week) and dates are updated whenever the schedule is changed.

When subsequent posts suggest another app be included, the relevant info needs to be copy / pasted to the 1st post so that the ** single  post  ** which contains all the information is in that one "centralized" location.

In summary, while I can not comment on the usefullness of a list of "maintained apps" as I don't know how that is being defined, to my eyes, the list does not meet OPs stated intent ... at least not in its present state:

a)  The stated goal of a providing a "one stop shopping" centralized location for this info has not been met.  Coming here thinking I could find everything I need .... or would want to recommend in one place, it became immediately apparent I would have to consult additional sources.

b)  The 1st post is not being updated to include later additional information.  It's relevance therefore fades quickly over time.  It's not a centralized location if you have to scroll thru other posts wondering which ones are added and which are dupes from other posts.

c)  I don't understand the criteria which makes an app on the list at  https://app.ryzom.com/index.php?action=list_user_apps ineligible to be listed here for the pupose of  "centrallization".  What is it about World Clock and Ryzom Bosses for example that makes them "not allowed here".   If it's intended to be a  "one stop shopping" source, you shouldn't have to go elsewhere.

The intent of my initial post was to assist in providing missing information such that at some point "All *working* IG Apps" could all be found in one place".  If there were some set of criteria which would be rasons to exclude other apps, they should be stated in the 1st post.

I think Asmosys had a great idea, but it would seem life has grabbed a hold of him (her ?) such that he / she is unable to keep this going as a living document.   Hopefully he can get back soon, we can get an inkling of his intent and then the community can assist in fleshing the list out such that it fills the needs of the widest audience.


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