15 Jahre Event

Sad to see nothing change.. at all.

I keep reading this forum since Ryzom has a big place in my heart been my first (pseudo)MMORPG, but man it feel all is in vain.

As a Marauder we known very well these unbalanced events (years now that all our fighting events with players involved, turn into a one sided carnage, with ~10 players against the whole Atys and against immortals 5000 damages per second NPC's).

The so called Event Team, cannot provide players a simple chest loots.
I mean... how do you want to handle World Event if you cannot even do this.

If it would have been only this time... but its the same always, and been volunteers is not an excuse, far from it.

Oh well..
I made an effort to log-in, to see the so called Island.

It was a copy of the 10 years Island with the Ranger in addition.
Check what they did with the only work they had to do, the Ranger:

The island was made for massive players.
But nowadays its so empty it look like deep space, building are so spaced out it almost require you to hit your speed up not to fall asleep.

When you complain or ask them in private, they will joke about with relativism. Lax.
Why the players still support their behavior and incompetency since years and years is a mysteries to me.
I don't understand at all.

And I tried... but right now I can't decide between praising the staff for their legendary works or blaming the players supporting this whole joke :/


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