15 Jahre Event

It is becoming more and more important for me to find clear words. Clear words about the relationship between the Ryzom staff and the players and the events. Of course I am aware that most people in the background don't get any money or any other form of compensation. But I don't see that as an excuse. If I take responsibility for an event or something similar, then I'm in charge.

The birthday week is a real disappointment. Nothing of what was announced worked or went as planned. The communication between staff and players couldn't be worse and neither can I understand that, nor can I accept and applaud that, because there is so much good will behind it.

I am now referring to the 'what if' event.

First of all, the idea is very good. I advertised it to my circle of friends, invited players and built myself a good armour in the desired design.

The design was announced just 3 days in advance - which is much too late. You should assume that many players are inactive because of the missing content and only come online on the day of such events.

The forum says: Matis, meet us at the entrance to Yrkanis.
Nobody received us. Nobody informs us without explicit demand. No teleporter appears. Nothing points to an event. After over an hour, the information comes that the teleporters will not appear and we should come directly to the meeting point. There are young players who don't even have the teleporter. We owe it to players like Zarden, who made sure that the affected players were teleported.

Even before we even took a step, some of the players left because it was too late for them.

So we'll meet at the rendezvous point. There are two boxes with the event armour announced the day before. At the first attempt I attack the chest. The chest strikes me back. At the second attempt it says I can open it. But nothing happens. The boxes disappear. That was it with the uniform. We stand there like a colorful bunch of unsuspecting homins. Jino doesn't say a word.

We go through the portal to Loria because we can't think of anything better. There already the black circle waits. Now the Matis army is instructed by the Black Circle. I am at this time, in the context of this event, part of the royal army and am instructed by a bunch of Zorai and marauders. No offense, but that's ridiculous. But what the hell.

Our glorious leader is now 30 minutes unable to explain to players that they need to activate their PvP flag and how to do that if they don't know how to do it. Again, it's the players who intervene and distribute the information. Which is causing confusion. We waste more minutes to get everyone involved into a league. Which wasn't known before either.

The actual fight is massively unbalanced. In the forum it says: Matis, join the army of the tyrant Jinovitch and march towards the Lakeland amidst the royal armies of the Green Hill.

I ask: where was the army? No NPC appeared to compensate for the imbalance of forces.

The Tryker and Fyros army is running in us. We fight for 10 seconds and from then on it's just an escape or an attempt to revive our own people.

We get resurrected at the spawn of Loria. Meanwhile our leaders run away from the enemy horde. We have no idea if we should compete again. We run again in the direction of the action. We notice that already half of the participants have left the event or are scattered somewhere. Nevertheless, we dare the second hopeless attempt. We die again in less than a minute.

Our great leader asks us where we are. That Jino is already dead and will die soon. That the event team wants to give us a second chance. We report that we have already taken up the fight twice and that it doesn't make any sense anymore with the dwindling armed force. With that the event is over for us. Without another word.

Well, not without another word. The players start to let their frustration run free in the league and complain, because they didn't know that this will be a pure PvP fight, that they didn't get any armor, that the information was distributed so bulky. Others defend the communication through the forum. We scatter. End of story.

Surely it was a great feeling to do something together with so many players again, even if it was just waiting. But this event was a farce in its execution, which is looking for its equal. And then on the following day there is a banner: "We hope you liked it" - *laughs*.

Very soon to the minibosses.... Jetons as a reward for a 30 minute fight whose opponents simply don't pose a threat to anything? I can only shake my head. We shoot up our equipment and then sit half AFK at the wheel of fortune.

My conclusion: Master the base. Rather have smaller ambitions, but for once start punctually. Rather have smaller ambitions that make it work. And above all, inform us, talk to us and don't leave us permanently in the dark. There is nothing more important than a good basis for communication.

To the players who want to tell me how great the event team is. That's not my impression. That's my opinion and I'm not interested in reading defenses from people who aren't involved in the execution.

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