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Bug tracking and fixing is not working well.
- When a bug from a ticked gets to the board, it usually lack details because it links to the ticket. However tickets can be read only with permissions.
- Many issues not coming from tickets are not registered at all, it is very common that the issue is solved or forgotten and no one else knows about it but one team member.
- When you already have a well documented and confirmed issue, you still need someone to fix it. If it is not critical, it is usually left for the unspecified future.
- When it is fixed, it is hard to find any testers. And if, the deadline for testing is right before release so last not critical issues remain not fixed in many cases.
- And the worst, we hide many issues in a "Minor issues box" and no one willing to work on it unless it is critical. We are hurry to bring new changes, but we have usually no will to do the last step and finish it.

I know about 156 tasks related to various issues, we have 22 issues in progress and other 37 tasks as confirmed.

Well, in fact, I wish we dedicated every other release just for fixing.

I try to track as many issues as possible, you can let me know.
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