What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

1. When I file a ticket for a broken mission or other "was that supposed to happen" thingie, I' have no expectation that it will be fixed. As I have said in the past, if it ever gets to the top of the ladder, fine. If it doesn't, you have it on "the list". That's about i can contribute. I'm also not looking for a response .. everyone has more important things to do then talking to me... especially my kids.

However ... if ya are going to respond, it is appreciated but when I get a response to something I wrote 6 weeks ago ... please gimme a hint as to what the issue was ... I never have any idea :). Im afraid next thing I will be talking about will be the Dragon having destroyed the monorail in Zorai.

2. Would love to hear about Encyclopedia 2. Maybe it was dropped in favor of other things ... maybe it was deemed not worth the T & E. For this year .. just wanna know if it's a) dead, b) abandoned or c) somewhere in the pile with many other things ahead of it.

3. As above but for Advanced Occupations.


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