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There is no easy way to make gui for it. There is /mapsearch command if one wants to make shortcuts (there is no command to clear search tho)

I have categorized all the mission givers as "Citizens". It just seems odd that it is very easy to filter a specific NPC (i.e. Bar'Nappy Nar'Kolepsi) and show the 4 locations that he / she rotates between

NPC's are easy to find. Look for radar, it shows if any is in range, if they have mission for you, or if you have something to give them

I wrote an extensive post on this very subject a few weeks ago ... To my mind it's supposed to be hard to find them ... the 1st time. However, the way fame is structured, it's exhausting to get those last few levels (took 12 hours to go from 96 to 100 doing nothing else. So, if we could filter my map for all "traveling NPCs in a region" we could minimize the back and forth and plan a route. Discovering where something is is fun ...but rediscovering every time I have to repeat something is frustrating.

But thanks for the info, seemed like it would be a simple thing, but looks like I misjudged. Perhaps I could rename them with the Tribe Name and name so I can use the existing filter function (w/ say Ecowarriors) to accomplish this goal.

As for mapping all the locations for others to access, we are working on a mapping app at present. In the meantime, we can add them to silenda maps as needed.

Thanks again for the feedback


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