What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

official clients I tested for linux and windows does not have landmark limits like you describe.

1.   I am not suggesting such a thing is encoded in the current releases as it was before (I had seen it an an old post of yours, which is where i got the 256 from).

All I can say for a fact is that I was iunable to create one ... 9 times and at different locations and that deleting two, let me create another 2 but not a 3rd.   Perhaps the official Win64 client is different from the single folder install on soundforge ?  Perhaps it was a fluke associated with something outside of Ryzom or a one time thing.  Perhaps I created and then edited / moved to many flags and kami gods were punishing me

I have had at least a dozen missions in the last week fail to complete, I don't know why either, but in all but one case (12 Kirostas died, no creds), as with the markers,  relogging made them work.

2.  Regardless, if it happens again, thanks to your input, I know what not to consider.   I should tell ya that I kinda remebered the limit being removed, at the time wondering who could ever fill up the limit.   But hey at my age, you have to wonder, so thanks for letting me know I don't have Alzheimers :)

If it ever does happen again, it would seem I can eliminate it by relogging ... if someone else experiences it, at least there's a workaround that can be tried like using "follow" instead of the macro to make meks appear.

3.  Since there is a simple work around, I don't want to waste any more of your time on it, however I was hoping to get  your thoughts on  c) and d)  from original post.

c) We have any shot at being able to filter an entire category ? Liken Citizens only or Citizens and Mission mats only ?

d) Can we provide / export anything to add Missing NPCs to BM Maps. Was going to try Lopy's app but I dunno if that  or any other form of data collection would be  useful ... and peteJ not around to ask


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