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Giving this its own post ... not that anyone appears to be looking at this thread.  With te map resoltion and 256 flag limit, the idea of displaying everything at once is problematic.  So rather than deal with the 256 or resolution, there seems to be a simple alternative,

When I right click on the compass, I can select say "Citizen" and it shows me a list of about 30 Citizens in Fleeting Garden and Upper Bog (all that I have marked). 

5.   Ability to increase flags and display flags by category, hopefully allowing one to exceed the 256 flag limit per region ... see Item 2 above.  Im thinking a separate file for each category and the idea being to display 1 category (maybe 2 or 3) at a time.  Instead of a single file for landmarks why not have a file for each region ?   Rightnow I have:


Why not ...


Right now, the landmarks file only displays the region that the player chooses to open.   When opening the Deset file, it could contain all the items in the filter, but only display 1 or 2 filter / Subfilter categories.   So if Im out doing Prospector missions, I might want to display Citizens. Prospectors and and Mission Mats for the region. 

Categot Filter / Subfiter

Harvest Materials / Basic Fine Choice
Harvest Materials / Exe  Sup
Mission Mats
NPCs / National
NPCs / Hawkers
NPCs / Other (i.e. Rites)
NPCs / Tribe Welcomers
NPCs  / Wandering (Scouts Patrollers Journeyman Prospector Hunter)
  * the other Tribe folks are all located in camps so if ya find the Welcomer ya find them
Named - Boss Creatures
Places / TPs  Portals Spawn Points
Places / Safe Spots

Other then agreeing on the Fiter / Subfilter categories anmd linking the menus to the appropriate files, the coding doesn't appear (to this naive individual anyway) to be that involved.


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