Lacuna's Song

[OCC: A Coda of sorts]

She sits at her campfire her eyes wet with tears.  Had she really travelled to see Akillia or had she merely become lost in the song again?  Her head hurts trying when she tries to remember.  Has Rykal moved since she left camp, or does he still sit sipping beer.  She has often wondered what he ponders in his silent vigils.  Has Bazett finally found Ocyketh.  Her attention returns to her cup: to drink is to never wake again…..


She sat biting her lip and feared that coming here had been a mistake.  She did not know if Akilia was angry at her or with the news she had brought.  She and her sisters had never been popular with the other clans.  They seemed unsure how to react to those who advocated killing every male on Atys, and they were, if she as honest, to say the least, the most unreliable of the clans: more likely to interpret orders in light of their own desires, than not.  Akilia had definitely been pissed that Lacuna had forgotten that her father had passed away years ago and that she now ruled as Great Marauder.  Wandering into camp and demanding to speak to the Black Varinx had not endeared her to his daughter, not that she had ever been popular.  Her damn memory getting her into trouble, yet again.  It as all Ghuiss and Gasket’s fault, she was not sure how, but it was!

A cowled figure approaches, crouches down and whispers: ‘Little sister, it would better if you left.  This news you have brought will please some but upset many others.  There is always advantage to be gained in discord.  Some will seek to advance their own ambitions and the standing of their clan.  No matter how Akilia views this news, it will cause trouble for her, and the messenger oft gets the blame.’  

Lacuna looks up, dazed, lost in the past. Awareness of the camp filters through to consciousness. ‘Leave? I thought I would find the answer here?’


 She sits by her campfire and stares into her cup. The purple liquid seems to glow and swirl in the flickering light.  She remembers another campfire, months… years ago, when she started out on her quest.  She had failed to find her sisters.  She now wonders if they were ever real, or just a dream. Sadness fills her.  An end to pain, to loneliness - she raises the cup to her lips and pauses on the verge of taking the last step… and drinks.


[The end.]


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