What would you like for this year on Ryzom?

As for perma-cats, I'd like a toggle to turn them off. Or a one time option to use perma-cats for a specific skill (I'd pick crafting) and then use the OP cats for the other skills.

And speaking of toggles .... how about an option to have IG Mails forwarded to your account (or other designated) e-mails ? This would be something purely internal. The person sending the email would never see the recipients e-mail.

I'm thinking a series of check boxes which might see:

a) Forward IG attacks on my OP to designated e-mail
b) Forward messages from my HOs to designated e-mail
c) Forward any IG mails older than 30 (fill in number)days to my designated email.
d) Forward any unread IG mails older than 5 (fill in) days to my designated email.

Have game send e-mails to designated e-mail upon start of each new billing cycle that says:

You have 7 unread IG Mails and 7 forum threads on your watch list with unread posts.

Would allow folks the O P T I O N of keeping up with what's going on IG when circumstances don't allow the time to get in each day and, i expect, keep subscribers coming back for example when old friends resub.


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