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Ryzom Forge Public Meetings agendas & reports

As promised Ulukyn, I will update ALL my posts to say thank you for reaching out. Your customer service and real understanding matter a lot. 

Thank you for your messages and your efforts.
Like say some days ago, changes on mission will be done step by step, hard to balance it correctly in a single shot.

We are working on it, and will apply some fixes soon.

About craft mission, the way to give dappers are different than all other missions.
The missions give the cost in dappers of the crafted items. So to adjust that we need change it, calculate the cost of each items and apply a bonus.
But will not enough, since some missions ask to craft 1 ammo.. for sure we can't reward this missions with 100k of dappers. So, some missions must be adjusted into objetives too.

About replay timer, since we can't change each mission one by one we have apply a formula to calculate the cooldown based on the reward. We will rework the formula to have something more easy like for example 10h, 15h, 20h or 30h and not X hours and Y mins


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