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Ryzom Forge Public Meetings agendas & reports

I think that that may have been the goal, Loved; to rid Ryzom of players like you and I who have better things to do than just run around "exploring" a place we already explored repeatedly, who like freedom, and/or who simply did not come here to be treated like second-class citizens.

I don't think things are this bleak. The changes seem well intentioned, just a little hamfisted. They definitely need tweaking. I agree that right now, there is no point in doing crafting missions compared to hunting or digging ones. That needs to be adjusted. Same with faction point rewards.

I don't know about overseer missions in cities, since I obviously can't do those, but tribe prospector missions are great. It's not difficult to make a million dappers in 20 minutes once you know where to dig mission mats.

Don't get me wrong, I was upset by the changes as well, at first. But then I figured out that they're really not *that* bad.



Explorer, storyteller, universalist, fighter for freedom and equality.

"Without contraries, there is no progression" - William Blake
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