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Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

I still can't believe the direction taken here.
They created a faction just to throw it to trash for years, and instead put all their effort to create a new faction(lol?) that came randomly from an event.
(I abuse with randomly/event, but you got it).

Make no sense really to put so much effort in not finishing anything.
Thanks to the new ARK the new-new faction did grow faster at least, and wasn't throw to trash like Marauder.

So with Rangers being, by far, the fast growing faction ... if it's between keeping the lore and keeping the player base, the lore has go to evolve. And that goes both ways. If someone wants to be a ranger and wants to PvP, I am not a fan of restricting that option because of "lore". Guilds of course have a right to decide whether that is what they are going to be about, but game mechanics should not.

True, nothing exclude a Ranger to attack another Homins.

This is just the common idea lately, that if you are a Ranger you should be a saint :P
Violence you will know only against your foe kittins and nothing else.

Ranger are Homins, Homins are violent and this nature itself create conflicts.

Remind me of this Ranger guild accepting an Outpost with all the consequence and clicking on Neutral the day they had to defend it.... im still laughing.

The legend don't tell if it is because of the option "Neutral" or by real ideology.


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