Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

Moniq - Have you forgotten our disagreements in the Ranger channel over defensive PvP versus utter pacifism? Or are you claiming that us Rangers are not actually a faction?
No I simply do not remember the information, sorry. And I claim that Rangers is screwed faction, if you ask.

Also, you just admitted that you believe thirty cents equals a dollar by claiming that a bunch of tiny advantages balance a huge disadvantage.

It was you who evaluated neutrals to be 30% of other factons. If you ask about Ranger faction, it is, by me, 130% compared to K/K. In your strange talk, 1 dollar 30 cents equal to 1 dollar.

If you are a Ranger, you already have access to high level zones and many other benefits, like bunch of respawn points more. Or almost free and safe traveling. Safe zone on each node. Not talking about "mysterous" movement of pathways closer to cities (paradox is that position in the Desert is, by me, even worse now). So yes, if I was Kami or Kara I would complain a lot how unbalanced it is.

What you mean by "not really neutrality"?
What "huge disadvantage" you talk about?

This is my last reply, because, you ignore what I was originally asking. You try to fight for your ideas but you are not giving me any solid arguments. Not talking about that matter of neutrality is disadvantage or just a little advantage for you. Well, in fact I think you are convinced about your truth and you tend to look for information that supports your view and bend or ignore any other logic that is in conflict with it. Sorry, but the way how you (not) present arguments is not working on me.

I say, if you are not happy with your allegiance, go and join other faction that fits you better.

btw: All Ryzom teams do recruit new members in case you really want to do something more than fill the forum.
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