Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

Is there any proof of it being this way besides "it's true because I said it's true"? I've read most of the existing lore and I don't remember any.
Yes, the Lore slash/ Lore Team.

Since you are marauder i think, you may want to ask them who's resurrecting marauder, you may be surprised to keep fighting Kami for example :P

Obviously, Homins do not have access to this information.

About Horongi's (which is composed of Marung and Nung)

If you want more detail here:
Nung Horongi
Marung Horongi
Tribe of the Witherings and Goo
ROLEPLAY - Dossier: Marung Horongi
Amber Cube of Nung Horongi

I honestly don’t see anything in those links that proves higher powers invented resurrection... the claims that two marauders learn how to resurrect could easily be exaggeration and legend, and again doesn’t explain how/where it came from. The current explanation of the source of marauder tp/spawn is their work with karavan defectors on the remains of the rainbow bridges. So their system may actually be an tryton based teleportation, while Kara and kami could very well be killing your original body when you tp and redirecting your data through the roots of atys to a natural or artificial spawn site. Again that was my hypothesis based on the fact that everything on atys respawns.
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