Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

You know perfectly well that I'm in a faction;

No I don't, I only know your guild. And faction was never important to me. So, are you neutral or do you have any allegiance? If not, why don't you join any then?
You still haven't told me any advantages of Neutrality though. The only one I can see is that fresh-from-Silan players can join a guild without grinding fame, and I don't consider that a big enough advantage to be balanced.

Ok, if you are unable to see any, I will tell you some:
- Neutrality itself is the main advantage, you can stay out of faction conflicts
- You also do not need to work on fame
- You can work on your fame and have it balanced
- You can become a friend with all factions and civilization
- You do not have to do any rite
- You can become a Ranger (with a rite) to have access to high level zones (which is obviously sort of magic mantra here...)

I am sorry, I can't help myself, but you look like someone who wants advantages of factions while you keep your neutral status with its advantages (thay you even do not realize).

Again, if to be neutral do not fits you, you can go for faction that does. What is the problem?

And my question remains: What you mean by "not really neutrality"?
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