Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

What you mean by "not really neutrality"?

Ok, if neutrals have so many disadvantages and factions have so many advantages (means mainly TP into high level zones obviously, thats like a magic mantra here), why didn't you join a shiny super overpowered faction?
You forgot who you're talking to, Moniq. Or have our previous arguments totally slipped your mind?

You know perfectly well that I'm in a faction; as badly as you may want them to, factions don't have a purity test that excludes those who don't fanatically worship one particular narrow interpretation of lore. And as much as you have historically denied whether I belong there because we interpret lore differently, it's one that actually matches my ideals.

That said, you've made it abundantly clear that you feel I don't belong in that faction, just as those like Revvy have made it known for over 6 years that those like me don't belong on Atys. So if you ever wonder why I hold some of the views I hold and speak out the way I do, reread the previous sentence and ask yourself how long you can be told you don't belong before it geta to you.

You still haven't told me any advantages of Neutrality though. The only one I can see is that fresh-from-Silan players can join a guild without grinding fame, and I don't consider that a big enough advantage to be balanced.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
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