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Moniq - How is Neutrality an advantage on Atys if it's not really neutrality? As it stands right now, Neutral has all of the disadvantages (and more) of alignment with nothing of note to really balance that. Are you simply understating the value of teleports so drastically that you're basically saying that thirty cents equals one Dollar/Euro? Seems to me (and MAAAAAAANY others) that being Neutral is an overall penalty.


Revvy - First off, unless you are denying that the Kami and Karavan factions have even the slightest religious overtones, that RL religious example has a lot to do with things here. If you are willing to cease any and all support of using factions, especially those with all the trappings of a religion/philosophy, as a reason for conflict or segregation, then I'll stop. But so long as you make RL religion relevant by perpetually bringing up IG religion (including quasi-religions such as Ranger and Mara philosophies) as justification for bad behavior, I'll bring up the parallels and ask why you are so dead set against being more like RL (or Arispotle for that matter) by being a little more secular. Besides, I play Ryzom partly to get away from nationalism and religious intolerance but you keep dragging RL into the game, so consider it reciprocity.

Second, I never said anything about "without animosity". In fact, you must've missed the part where I mentioned that animosity remains. However, some folks can put their differences aside for a common goal while those looking for an excuse to fight cannot.

Third, if you feel that what I said there has nothing to do with the teleport system then let me try again. Simply put, if there were Neutral 250/PR TPs then a lot of folks would not be aligned anyways, so this whole mess would sort itself out as Neutral guilds pop up all over the place. Of course, you'd hate that because I know how much you love factions ;)

Fourth, it's not cheating to ask for a rules change. Those who seek to make PvP and one particular style of RP (to the exclusion of all others) mandatory do it all the time; are they also cheating? If not then you have a serious double standard going there, and if so then it's the pot calling the kettle black.

Lastly, you are right about me wanting a different game. I want a game where you don't get belittled for not having a strict fundamentalist interpretation of lore that does not allow Atys to ever really progress/evolve. Maybe something that is a bit more respectful of differences too. And I am far from alone there; I'm simply one of the few of that opinion that even comes to these forums any more and one of the even fewer who is willing to speak out. You really need to consider the possibility that maybe the old paradigms are no longer relevant and thus mechanics need alteration to accommodate the societal shift. If the old ways were the best ways then we'll have to demolish the Mara camp and their more-sensible-than-pacts TP system because those are modern developments. If not, then it's time to allow for the possibility that Atys has changed in other ways.


Fyrosfreddy - I've seen enough fans try explaining a work of fiction to the authors that wrote it that I have doubts that anyone would agree with the "Because the author/dev said so" argument. In my experience, that argument only works when it's convenient. Of course, games are different in that they are more dynamic than novels or movies because the characters in a game are not all controlled by the author(s), so there is a higher likelihood of them saying something different tomorrow than there is for a book/show/movie. In fact, it's pretty much a requirement for games to take character actions and player feedback into account.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
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