Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

I wouldn't go back to being Kami even if I found out they were the ones who resurrect me, however, as I had my reasons to leave the faction when I did, but that's a discussion for another time.
Not sure if you are talking about the story of your char or yourself here.. but sure, no one judge you :)

Of course, that does not mean that those higher powers are necessarily Jena and Ma'Duk; those two may simply be fictions invented in order to manipulate Homins more readily, or for homins to "understand" the inconceivable aspects of reality. After all, what is religion if not an attempt to make sense of the incomprehensible? In fact, what I've read of the Horongis, either Jena and Ma'Duk are merely masks of the true higher power(s), or there are no higher powers and we merely use them as a framework by which to explain the universe because our science does not (yet) have a way to explain it without allegory.
You should read the Bible then, if you already did read the Lore and you end up with this sort of idea.

Imagination is good :)
But when it is written black on white by the author(s) you cannot deny it forever

I know that some may say that such folks are actually Neutral and thus have no business ever aligning, but that's rather shortsighted. There are plenty of humans who were born and raised into a faith they no longer truly believe yet cannot break out of the only paradigm they have ever known; why should homins be any different, especially PC homins controlled by human players? Why not have an Atysian equivalent of Unitarian Universalism or Congregationalism?
Overall reading the rest, i really think you guys are mixing (voluntary?), the actual design of the game (gameplay for convenience to have fun) with the gameplay supported by the lore and the roleplay injected in game by players.
Not to mention all these massive in real life comparison about everything related to this game, Ryzom..
It is not only you Gidget, even if i use your post to talk about it.

To be back on the (closed) topics.

You want it or not, Kami and Karavan power's are not friends, and so the Homins following them.
Same goes for the resurrection gameplay mechanics which is Lore supported/driven (you can't play Nung, its a myth a legend)

The restriction for guild is purely gameplay based, it is to guide players into different paths (the nationalist, the religious.. etc), it is an engine to the game mechanics where you can choose a side white or black or blue, and play against each others to have fun OOC and to drive the story a step further IC.

In case you do not want to be part of any conflict, you may want to stay neutral in game, but you will have limitation with players that did the choice to take part in a conflict (aka been kami, kara, mara, whatevera).

Yes doing a ritual to be in a faction, is to take part in a conflict.

Now the problem nowadays is, you are entering a faction for the teleportation system it do provide.
You don't take part in the conflict, nor wish to do so.

So you are surprised and don't understand why you cannot play with your best friend forever from Karavan when you are in a Kami guild.
And then naturally cry about freedom and liberty to do whatever you feel like because you pay the game like everyone.
Factions exist since the creation of the game, and the game is based on it.

You choose this game knowing what it is from start, that is also why this post is closed and refused.


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