Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

Is there any proof of it being this way besides "it's true because I said it's true"? I've read most of the existing lore and I don't remember any.
Yes, the Lore slash/ Lore Team.

Since you are marauder i think, you may want to ask them who's resurrecting marauder, you may be surprised to keep fighting Kami for example :P

Obviously, Homins do not have access to this information.

About Horongi's (which is composed of Marung and Nung)

If you want more detail here:
Nung Horongi
Marung Horongi
Tribe of the Witherings and Goo
ROLEPLAY - Dossier: Marung Horongi
Amber Cube of Nung Horongi

I see. Thank you for this information, I genuinely had no idea, as I haven't seen any information on it in the normally accessible lore one can find without doing serious digging. It's a wasted opportunity to make the higher powers more interesting in my eyes, but oh well. I wouldn't go back to being Kami even if I found out they were the ones who resurrect me, however, as I had my reasons to leave the faction when I did, but that's a discussion for another time.



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