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No. It's really always the high powers who is resurrecting homins.
Players characters can think it's not the high powers etc.... but the truth is what I say: always the high powers and they why they are doing it is because they need homins regardless of their alignment.
Maybe in the ranger background their is a corner case too. (as said previously Horongi's have been able to resurrect without the powers help ... but no-one else and this powerfull ability is NOT playable by players.)

Is there any proof of it being this way besides "it's true because I said it's true"? I've read most of the existing lore and I don't remember any.

For all we know, there might be sources of magic capable of resurrecting Homins on Atys (not that far-fetched, considering most Homins can cast magic spells) that the higher powers have simply taken control of.

It could easily be that they need homins so they hijacked the resurrection magic and claim it to be their own. Of course, this is just my perspective, as I like the idea of them not being more sinister than they let on. Just saying we don't actually know whether the power to resurrect has always been exclusively theirs or not.



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