Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

But ike all things Ryzom (almost), ... allaraces, factions, jools, etc. the underlying precept is "no classes, no nerfs" ... Each choice you make has no "overall" downsisde. A Fyris toon has a natural resistence to one type of spell, each race is resistant to another in an equal amount. No enalties for making a choice. The Lore is fashioned differently to fit that precept.

The mara didn't have transport system ... so one was made ***and here's the important part*** lore created to make it "equal opportunity". Perhaps not perfect but that is the underlying goal. The differences make it interesting, but in the end , that underlying precept is no advanatges / no penalties when all is considered.

So if the lore isn't complying with that ... it's the lore that needs to be evolve to do so rather than the other way around ... unless of course other chnages are instituted to offset any advantage / disadvantage.


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