Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

I lack any information to most latest changes. So, does anyone know who provides ressurection on pathways? And who all could be able to? Sivanders is first I see speaking about, after long time. The only I know is from fragments of conversation or rumors. Rangers used to be source of news but there was no meeting for a long time.

How can Homins resurrect by themselves ?

It is a bit easy in my opinion, Ranger should not have the technology to resurrect Homins, not even the energy for it.

We can discuss if Kami have technology to ressurect, however I know nothing about lifeseed care. I just tell how it was explained to me and I am unable to validate any of those information. The fact is that there are no High Powers nor Vortex on the Oflovak's road...

However this is off topic here, better to create other thread. (so please do not reply)
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