Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

Except, Tryton doesn't have the resources for resurrecting people (it does require energy...), so homins still have to grudgingly pander to one of the higher powers for that privilege

I don't think I understand ... in the 6 months I have been gone, have Rangers / neutrals been denied healing spells or respawn points ?

As has been said before ... people have had different experiences on each server. In US, where every Ryzom player had 20 friends playing WoW for each Ryzom player they knew, we were coming from a different starting PoV. In US folks had WoW and 20 other MMOs to choose from. The folks that *chose* Ryzom did so because it was NOT WoW or one of the other PvP is everything MMOs. As such, when PvP happened we lost most of our player base. We recovered that when the player base decided to ignore game mechanics / lore and adopting a player mindset of "letting folks play the game they wanted" and **respecting** their choice**. There was planty of PvP to had and afterwards, folks from oppsing sides were in mixed teams grinding or chasing bosses

Everybody, witha few notable exceptions, got a long ... winning a battle because your side controlled access to boss mats, sups, OP produce was considered an empty victory so everything was openly traded. I never got into the PvP but guild members chose their own way, It was not unusual for the side with overwhelming numbers to say "Any gulds want to make this more fun and fight foi the other side ?" When playing pick up basketball, stickball whatever growing up in Brookly, the next game didn't start until the losing team picked a player from the other side and sent one of their own back. Winning all the time is boring; and if losing all the time, people stay home or do something else..

So this type of behavior that North outlined, we just didn't see because if you came "late to the show", you were likely invited and if ya needed the mats, you could trade or ask for them since it was routine. For the 200 and below, most guilds can't even give away the stuff among their own factions so what's the point in hoarding 500 QL200 mats when someone could benefit from them.

For the 250 OPs I can understand somehwat but are we really in a situation where there's not enough to go around. Looking at our sub numbers that wouldn't appear to be the case. When I see this "boss stealing"activity" occur, the only question that comes to mind is "Why is having a "equipment advantage" so important; wouldn't folks feel better about a victory over an opponent that didn't have an inheterent disadvantage ? So yes, the game mechanics do have a deficiency with respect to what North outlined. But I have to say I am disappoinjted that the player base can't find a way to deal with it honorably among themselves until such time as a fix is im place.


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