Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

My belief is that the story can be told more powerfully by experiencing it. Especially for new players. ESPECIALLY if we want to capture new players into the game. (And even more if we allow them the freedom to mold the story progression themselves, and join each other's guilds freely. ;) ~ Staying on topic ~)

Even if further down in the story everyone gets together and lives happily ever after in their New Ranger Utopia, the starter islands could still be run by a bunch of old intolerant farts (plot devices), to stir some drama. The "everlasting backstory" can be experienced simultaneously with "dynamic current events". Anachronisms really are possible, since everyone can have their own beliefs. :)

A Ranger Utopia that's taken for granted (Silan) is a boring storytelling situation. (It's a Ryzom theme park.) But a Ranger Utopia after a heavy conflict, that was worked for, (as a high level / endgame zone) is a very powerful symbol.


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