Abolish artificial restriction "Fraction/Nation<->Guild

How can I roleplay a guild that invites Karavan homins with the goal to convert them into Kami?

What if the Tryker and Fyros conspire to destroy the Matis? Why can a Tryker citizen not join with a Fyros guild?

Not trying to be sarcastic and working hard to not make it sound that way but I would think "same way you are now ?"

If someone wants to invite Karavan into "their" guild, I have to think they could possibly have that goal or, more likely, they don't give a mektoub dropping either way. As I remember the lore, never fully developed in game to my disappointment, the Trytonists were hominists ... and thumbed their noses at the religions.

I don't have feelings either way ... we have all races represented in guild tho I think only kami and rangers. But if one of our guildmates wanted to switch to another faction, I'd be disappointed if they needed to leave the guild if they didn't want to.

But main point being, it is not mandatory. I don't like Body Piercings ... the idea of "lets make holes in my body and hang shiny metal things never made sense to me. But if anyone else wants to hang, can't think of why I'd have an objection to that.


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