I think Gidget, you misunderstand what I am saying by "basic principles" and by "right way". Maybe I choose my wording wrongly.
I know you well enough by now that I figured that was the case. But please be aware that others may not give you that benefit of a doubt. And if others come on too strong, I am unlikely to extend the same courtesy to them that I do to you.
I'm not saying that anyone is playing wrong or not (it's a game and the game is allowing you to do what you want). But this degree of freedom has allowed players to bring the game at a level where being a faction just means: what do you prefer as teleport system?.
It's not quite that simple. As was touched on in another thread a while back, the old factions really don't mean what they once did because the real factional lines are no longer where the lines were many years ago. Just as Earth has evolved, Atys has also evolved to where traditional lines get blurry or irrelevant. That's not the say that there are no longer factions, simply that they've been redefined in ways that the mechanics (and many "traditionalist" players) do not officially recognize.
And this to me is wrong because it has killed the way we "should" (notice the ") interact with each others (in-game not OOC).
And to many others, the old lines were wrong, which is why they are ignored/circumvented as much as possible and complained about where they become annoying.
That's my point, gameplay restriction can guide players. You can summarize it by: it can give guidelines to players, simple as that.
They can if they make sense. But when restrictions seem arbitrary, they cross the line from "guidance" to "obstacle" pretty quick. While some may see obstacles as something to be overcome, some of us see them as something to be eliminated. If you want restrictions that provide guidance, don't make restrictions that tons of people want to destroy; take a lesson from Aikido and make restrictions that have a natural flow.
But just keep in mind, the title of the thread is "Is PVP RP?" ... and to me players need help to make it RP, gameplay restriction (that's what I meant by "basic principles") is a way to do it (not the only one).
I think that if you need that sort of restriction then there is a grave, fundamental flaw elsewhere that needs to be remedied first. To my mind, a bad solution to a problem that didn't need to exist in the first place is, in many ways, worse than the original problem that required a solution in the first place.

Take what I said above, and ponder what would happen if the old lines were redrawn to more closely mirror the actual current state of Atys. Lack of reverence for higher powers is not just for Rangers and Marauders; many Kami/Karavan are not exactly devout. And Marauders do not have a monopoly on the "Might makes right!" philosophy either. If the lines are in places that make sense, then you wont' need artificial restrictions; it will be self-governing. And when you have homins with strong, deep differences of opinion, you're more likely to the sort of conflict that results in combat than if you have like-minded homins that just happen to use different TP networks. Imagine, RP-related reasons to pull weapons on each other!

I'm not saying it'd be easy to do and do right, but it'd be a lot better than the stifling stagnation we have now.
If you need some clarifications with what I'm saying, do not hesitate to ask. I'm not as nasty as you seem to think :)
I'm usually not as nasty as some seem to think either, but when I feel people are trying to push me and those like me out of the game, I can get a little..... cranky. And no, I think of you as one of the more pleasant people who I've ever disagreed with, but there are enough who share your views who have behaved poorly that it's affected how I deal with folks.


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.
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